Parental Controls

We know it’s important to protect young people online, which is why we’ve provided these quick links to help you keep your family safe while surfing the Internet. While we cannot guarantee a safe online experience for your child, these resources can help reduce your child’s exposure to inappropriate and dangerous sites on the Internet.

Cyber Patrol

The CyberPatrol products are specifically developed for ease of use to help protect families and businesses from threatening online activity.

CYBERsitter actively filters search queries depending on the filters you have selected. It also has a "strictness" setting that lets you adjust how sensitive you want CYBERsitter to be when a user searches using a search engine. The strictness feature has several levels that allow you to set different levels for children, teens, and adults.

Net Nanny
Net Nanny eliminates unwanted online content while monitoring Internet activity as well as offline computer usage.

Cyber Patrol CYBERsitter Net Nanny

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